Calix Huang

A self-taught computer programmer with a passion for entrepreneurship.

About Me

My name is Calix Huang and I'm 15 years old. I am an independent study student in a nationwide online school called Connections Academy.

Full Stack Web Development

  • Web Design
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django and Flask experience

Software Development

  • Frontend Web Developer Intern @ Apollo DAE Inc.
  • Website Developer/Designer Intern @ UVFAB Systems Inc.
  • Software Development Mentor @ Codeninjas


  • Creator of HackCollab - a hackathon organizer application
  • Creator of Ano.js - a free web animation platform for web developers

My Projects



HackCollab is a web based hackathon organizer, allowing hackathon competitors to form their teams and brainstorm ideas for the hackathon in advance. HackCollab aims to sponsor hackathons with the use of their software in order to allow for a more competitive and efficient hackathon, without wasting time on team mixers and idea brainstorming.



Ano.js is a free web animation platform that allows software engineers, web developers, or anyone creating a website to seamlessly integrate background web animations with a single line of code. The goal of Ano.js is to allow developers to get free web animations without having to create it themselves.

My Achievements

Atoms & Bits Hackathon - 1st place & Best Website

The Atoms & Bits Hackathon was put together by many amazingly successful high schoolers, and the event had a strong focus on entrepreneurship and business, which I loved. All products were required to have a business model, and our product, Ano.js, was the best of them all. I ended up forming a team with three other high schoolers and led the team from a product standpoint.

TeenTechSF Civic Hackathon - 2nd place

TeenTechSF Civic Hackathon was put together by TeenTechSF, a global student leadership council, and hosted at Make School, a computer science oriented private charter college. My partners and I placed second in the entire hackathon, and ended up getting an augmented reality motion sensor as a prize.

TriV Expo Hacks - Honorable Mention

This was my first ever hackathon, and I won an honorable mention for most creative project, which was a facial recognition program powered with computer vision and deep learning.

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