Calix Huang

A self-taught product engineer with a passion for business and entrepreneurship.

About Me

Hello! My name is Calix, and I'm a self-taught product & SaaS engineer, with a focus on full-stack web development. I believe in learning by doing, so I try to model my projects around useful ideas that can be deployed to users around the globe. My skills in full-stack development allow me to take a project from an idea to a product.
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Featured Projects


Ano.js is a free, open source web animation library that makes creating beautiful designs a whole lot easier. We've designed Ano.js in the interest of simplifying the process of creating and integrating web animations into your website. Our animations have been used 10,000+ times, and we have over 70+ open source contributors!

Node.js Express MongoDB GitHub API HTML5 Canvas Mo.js Anime.js
NPO Core

NPO Core is a curated list of nonprofit organizations, allowing anyone to find the perfect nonprofit to get involved with and get in contact! NPO Core also has a Slack workspace, where nonprofit executives and members can join and talk among their peers to network, partner up, or just discuss about other topics!

Node.js Express React.js MongoDB SCSS Cloudflare

w3Hacks is an online platform that allows anyone to learn programming through real-world practices. w3Hacks is filled with real-world exercises, and hosts a virtual hackathon consistently that allows competitors and users to test and show off their skills through building new, innovative projects.

Python Django PostgreSQL


Launch Tech LLC

Launch Tech LLC

The official landing page for Launch Tech LLC, a SaaS product incubator and accelerator!

WebX Consulting

WebX Consulting

The official landing page for WebX Consulting, where we build beautiful websites for all types of clients!

Hack For The People


The official landing page for Hack For The People, an intercollegiate hackathon across the US!

COVID visualization team

CVT Site v2

The official landing page for the COVID visualization team, a crowdsourced student-network!

COVID visualization team

CVT Site v1

The first version of the official landing page for the CVT!

Other Projects

The Bot Gang

A collection of Slack/Discord bots I've created, hosted, and distributed to hundreds of people! Never not fear the Bot Gang.

Next.js React.js MongoDB Slack/Discord API Vercel


GroceryMeals is an online platform that gathers the best grocery prices and matches them with recipes you can make at home!

Django Selenium PostgreSQL spoonacularAPI NutritionX API


A grocery pricing API, in which all grocery pricing data was programmatically scraped using scripted webscraping algorithms.

Django Selenium PostgreSQL BeautifulSoup4


WhatsTheStats is a WhatsApp messaging bot that returns statistics on the current virus outbreak epidemic.

Twilio WhatsApp API Node.js Express.js


A web-based hackathon organizer, allowing competitiors to form teams and discuss project ideas before the event even starts.



SelectiveChat lets you commuicate with your friends with nothing more than an Internet connection. No need for an email or an account.

Django Channels Daphne Redis


A completely free API service to store sample data for prototyping and test data during development, as well as single-variable metrics.



Lirycs is an online marketplace where users can earn credits, as well as spend them on digital items and assets.

Node.js Express.js Vue.js MongoDB MusixMatch API

My Skills


  • Full Stack Development
  • Web Design
  • Product Engineering
  • API Development


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python


  • Node.js/Express
  • Django/Flask
  • Next.js
  • React.js
  • Material UI/Bootstrap
  • Sass


  • Git/GitHub
  • Adobe Xd
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Soft Skills

  • Product Management
  • Digital Communication
  • Public Speaking